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Judge’s Comments

Tony Bond’s wonderful comments regarding my collage “Morphology” at the Blackheath Art Society Winter Open Exhibition:
“This very geometric abstract work looks at first as if it might be a digital construct and indeed it is possible some design work might owe something to a computer but on close inspection the fabrication of the piece is astonishingly manual. It is a collage of strips of coloured material cut to size and applied to create a vibrant three-dimensional composition.

The design is certainly logical in that the basic elements are each expanded cubes throughout with sections cut out and expanded or exploded and yet the effect is magical. It seems to exist somewhere between M.C. Escher and Sol Lewitt. Both of these artists’ designs purport, or are indeed, logical mathematical propositions but both are somehow subverted by a mystical streak.

The American art historian Rosalind Krauss has written about the grid in modern art as an indicator of intellectual content but as in the case of Sol Lewitt she points out that the maths is basic and questionable and the success of the work is more about an obsessive and systematic process that she compares with Becket’s character Malone who spends his time moving pebbles from one pocket to another devising a system which would ensure that he never moved the same stone twice.

I enjoy the obsessive and meticulous nature of the fabrication and the strange expanded architectural structures that this artist has created. They may be logical and indeed they may be buildable in 3d but I doubt it.”


More information about the other prize winners can be found here.


RAW: Artists Promo Video

SCOPE Exhibition Photos

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Photos by Rhiannon Hopley | RH photography & Design



SCOPE Exhibition

I have been presented with an exciting opportunity to showcase my artwork as part of the RAW:Artists SCOPE event that will be held in Sydney on September 26th.

RAW is a global organisation that operate in over 70 cities around the world, including 11 cities in Australia, who create events to promote and celebrate the work of all manner of artists.

SCOPE will include the work of visual artists, film makers and photographers, musicians, dancers and performers, fashion designers, and hair and make up artists, and it all comes together in a big circus like explosion of creative talent. Looking at the artists that have been confirmed for the event so far, it looks like it is going to be a fantastic night. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together, and I think it is safe to say that I am pretty exited.

But I need your help! In order to cover the costs of the event, I need to bring along 20 people to the show. That means I need to sell 20 tickets to the event by September 23rd.

The details are:

RAW: Artists SCOPE

Friday September 26th
7:30pm – 11:45pm
The Manning Bar, University of Sydney, Camperdown.
(18+ event)
Tickets are $16.50

All the details can be found here.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!


The 22 Blog

The Mirror's Image

The Mirror’s Image


Some of my collages have been featured on The 22 Magazine’s blog. Have a look here.

Extention Exhibition for the Collage Centennial at the Durango Art Center

CECIL TOUCHON – With select works from the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, January 11 at 5–7 p.m.

Work Featured in ColArt#1

I have had some of my collage works featured in the first issue of Brazilian visual arts publication ColArt, which is now available for viewing or download by visiting:

There are also some fantastic collage pieces by artists such as Henrique Bittencort, Franz Falckenhaus and Amanda Hall, (A.K.A. Dame Dismember).